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Naked Beauty SymulastDo you want to get rid of your cellulite? Did you recently come across the Naked Beauty Symulast Method and are wondering whether it can really help you get rid of cellulite or it’s just a scam? If so, this is the most important page you’ll ever read.

Cellulite is a frustrating problem for a lot of women. There are many women who successfully shed their extra pounds through a combination of diets, exercises and lifestyle changes. But even after losing weight, they somehow aren’t able to get rid of the soggy skin in their thighs.

Naked Beauty Symulast And The Root Cause Of Cellulite:

Muscular atrophy is the root cause of cellulite. A muscle or a group of muscles get atrophied due to lack of use or stimulation. This leads to the skin layer on top of the muscles becoming limp and soggy. That’s the reason you notice such lumps and bumps all over.

There are only a few solutions for cellulite, out of which some are genuine and some just don’t work effectively enough. Naked Beauty Symulast by Joey Atlas is one of those programs that promises to help women get rid of their cellulite once and for all.

Some solutions include:

  • Liposuction – Brings in temporary but substantial results. Doesn’t last long and you are required to perform it every now and then. This is the fastest and the most expensive way to get rid of cellulite temporarily
  • Creams – Creams do help make the soggy skin vanish temporarily (just like how make-up products work on your face). They don’t work on the root cause, they just heal the symptom and the results aren’t permanent
  • Pills – Pills work to a certain extent to help you lose weight and act as an appetite suppressant. But their ability to treat cellulite is still doubtful.
  • Lifestyle changes – This is the last but the best way. It involves making holistic changes to your exercises and diets to help get rid of cellulite. But remember, not all exercises work. There are some specific exercises that need to be done in order to treat cellulite.

The Naked Beauty Symulast Program by Joey Atlas is a fitness system that focuses on the fourth aspect – lifestyle change. It guides you on what kind of changes to make to your lifestyle (i.e. exercise and diet) and helps you transform yourself into a sexy beach body babe in an effective manner.

The Naked Beauty Symulast Treatment boasts of a unique exercise system called ‘The Naked Beauty/Symulast Method’ that simulates the muscle groups in these areas, tones and firms them to help you get that perfect butt.

Here’s exactly what the Truth About Cellulite / Naked Beauty Symulast Method consists of…

  • Video versions and printable versions of the Symulast exercise method – set of exercises that are specifically directed towards working the muscle groups in your thighs, thereby ensuring that cellulite is eliminated in the shortest amount of time possible
  • Sample schedules to help you follow the program in an effective manner and get results fast.
  • Special Cardio Sheets that consist of powerful cardio workouts that when used in combination with the Naked Beauty/Symulast Method will help you get rid of your cellulite faster

In case you’re wondering what SYMULAST means, it’s called “Synergistic Muscle Layer Stimulation”. It’s a unique exercise system that’s targeted towards working these muscle areas and helps you completely get rid of your cellulite.

Results with the Naked Beauty Symulast Program

What you’re ultimately here for is a tight butt that will allow you to wear those shorts and mini-skirts when spring comes and have fun at the beach.

Does the Naked Beauty Symulaste help you achieve that?

The answer to that question would be a yes and a no. The Truth About Cellulite program if followed completely to the core with patience will definitely lead to reduction of cellulite from your body.

The speed at which cellulite vanishes is dependent on your age, your body type, diet and your own motivation towards following the program. The exact time-frame can’t be calculated.

But if you’re HYPER motivated about getting those sexy, well-toned butts and are willing to follow what Joey Atlas says in the program in a religious manner for 30 – 90 days, you’ll definitely experience magical results that will leave you dumbfounded.

It’s not an instant cure and certainly doesn’t bring you any result in week or two. No other program can except for liposuction. You may be able to get rid of some of your cellulite within that short-time frame.

But for a more permanent and lasting cure, you need to stick with the program for a couple of months. The results you get with the program overtime will be far more satisfactory compared to other methods.


Overall, The Naked Beauty Symulast is an excellent program that really DOES help women who’re really serious and committed about getting rid of their cellulite. If you really want to be able to put on those skirts and mini-skirts and hang out at the beach, we encourage you to go ahead and give the Naked Beauty Symulast Method a try. Your purchase is secured by a 60 day no questions asked money back guarantee.

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