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Truth About Abs ReviewHere’s my summary of the program. We downloaded and reviewed “The Truth About Six Pack Abs“. This page contains our evaluation, as well as links to buy the program if it fits you. We have done our best to provide an honest evaluation of The Truth About Six Pack Abs. If you have any comments or would like to add your review or feedback, please contact us.

The Truth About Six Pack Abs was written by Mike Geary. Mike is a Certified Nutrition Specialist and a Certified Personal Trainer. The Truth About Six Pack Abs is probably the bestselling “abs” program on the Internet. It has sold over 400,000 copies worldwide. Their newsletter has about 700,000 subscribers!  The program has been around since 2004, and has an excellent track record. There are many testimonials from users (not just on their own site), but from user blogs. There is a lot of marketing and hype behind it, but is it true and is it real?

The Truth About Six Pack Abs Includes

  • “The Truth About Six Pack Abs” 142 page eBook (in PDF format)
  • Free DVD “The 5 Keys to Guaranteed Fat Loss”
  • Membership site for support to where I can even chat live with World Famous Trainer from The Biggest Loser, Kim Lyons
  • 4 free motivational Fast-Fitness audios.

The Formula

  • #1 Diet
  • #2 Exercise

Those two points are not revolutionary, but I did find a good number of ideas that I didn’t know. Those facts helped me save a lot of time, as I was not spending time doing the wrong things. You could diet and exercise yourself as the program provides a step-by-step guide on how to do it.

#1 The Diet Plan

  • Optimal meal amount & frequency (eating smaller, but more meals throughout the day)
  • Cheat treats that taste great
  • The focus should be on Insulin impact, not calories
  • How to fire up your metabolism
  • Food choices, emphasizing whole foods and avoiding processed foods. I was surprised to he supported eating whole eggs, not just the whites. He explains. There are good fats and bad fats. Good fats include nuts that are rich with Omega 3s.
  • 2 evil ingredients that have been introduced in the last few decades, and have lead to the corresponding increase in obesity.
#2 Exercise
  • BOTH cardio exercise and strength training matter. Not either/or.
  • Not mindless cardio, but particular exercises that get your thermogenic metabolic engine going
  • Simple, short plan: 3 sessions/week. 40-60 minutes per session.
  • Focus on full-body training, not just abs. There is no such thing is isolating your abs. If you address the whole body, the abs will get there. Full body is key, as that will trigger the proper hormonal response in your body to burn the fat.
  • Proper method form for all the exercises. This is important. As you do the exercises correctly, you save time on your workout.
Summary of The Truth About Six Pack Abs

While the program is not REVOLUTIONARY, it is one of the best diet & exercise programs out there.

  • You think you are ordering a “6-pack abs” book, but you are actually ordering a healthy lifestyle book. Mike shows you the destination of six pack abs, but the road to get there is better nutrition, more energetic lifestyle, and healthier living.
  • No, you’re not going to get some burn fat while you sleep magic, “secret sauce” acai berry recipe. You get focused, concise, time-proven straightforward directions on how to get six pack abs. You get a program to follow.
  • The Truth About Abs is a straightforward, “step-by-step” program with a meal plan and a exercise routine. Follow it, and you will get there.
Pros of The Truth About Six Pack Abs

Since every program is going to have a few pros and cons, we wanted to make them easy to see for yourself. Here are the main pros that we’ve identified with this program:

  • It’s about total, holistic nutrition. Not just about your abs.
  • Tons of uses that have followed the plan. It worked for them.
  • Easy to follow plan for diet & exercise.
  • It’s not about your abs, so much as its about your overall health & energy. Aim and health and energy, and get abs tossed in.
  • Long term lifestyle program. Not a temporary diet.
  • No expensive muscle building supplements required
  • No workout gadgets required
  • Shorter, more effective workouts than traditional cardio
  • Teaches workouts that build muscle and burn fat at the same time
Con’s of The Truth About Six Pack Abs

No weight loss program is perfect, so here are a few things you should be aware of:

  • If you were dreaming of a “take a pill and watch the fat melt off” solution, this is not it. And that doesn’t exist.
  • If you love processed foods, this will be difficult for you. You will have to eat healthy, natural foods.  (From my experience, it is difficult at first, but the cravings go away after a while.)
  • You will have to work hard and exercise. You have to commit to 3 moderate/high intensity workouts per week.
  • Lots of information in the book. It can be overwhelming. You have to read a lot of information and be educated before Mike gives you a plan. This is frustrating, as you really just want to get started.
  • Many of his propositions contradict the generally accepted guidelines of the USDA Food Pyramid, which emphasizes grains and starches.
  • Some folks have complained of the difficult in obtaining a refund if they choose to return it.

Why The Truth About Abs is So Popular
After studying The Truth About Abs and some of the testimonials, we’ve noticed a few reasons why we think The Truth About Abs is so popular. For one thing, The Truth About Abs doesn’t simply recommend eating celery and carrots all day. Instead it recommends a lot of fatty (but healthy) foods to eat and still lose weight.

Another thing is that The Truth About Abs is based on eating 6 times a day. This is common right now with workout programs and users like it because they never feel like they are starving themselves. NOTE: Even though you eat 6 times a day, that doesn’t mean you’re eating low quality food or large meals.

Finally, the workout routines recommended are not boring by any means. Jogging on a treadmill for an hour at a time can be boring – these aren’t.

Does It Actually Work?
  • It only works if you commit to the program and follow it. The Truth About Abs provides useful information. Mike explains the lies that the food industry wants you to believe.
  • There is a money-back guarantee. If you don’t like it, just return it (delete it) and ask for a refund. (It’s reported that their refund rate is only 3%. So, coupled with the fact that there’s been hundreds of thousands of people that have used it for the last several years, it’s a pretty amazing product.

We’ve looked at a lot of weight loss programs over the years. Even though some are absolutely horrible, there are also a number of good ones out there.

Overall, we found The Truth About Abs to be a solid program for fast weight loss. The diet recommendations and workout routines are spot on. It’s easy to read and understand, even if you aren’t a big health nut.

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