Muscle Gaining Secrets Review

Muscle Gaining Secrets ReviewThis Muscle Gaining Secrets review is being put together for those of you wondering about this program. We get several emails a week asking about this one, so we figured we’d look into it.

One of the first things to note about this program is that you aren’t given a ton of information about the author. Even though it tells you who the author is, you aren’t given much of a back story. Even though this doesn’t affect the quality of the product as a whole, it’s harder to identify with where the author is coming from.

What Muscle Gaining Secrets is All About

As you can tell from the name, this system is designed towards helping you gain muscles quickly. Even though there is a lot of information out there these days on how to effectively pack on muscles, Jason Ferruggia (the author of Muscle Gaining Secrets) insists that 99% of that information is wrong.

For example, Jason says that most supplements are just a waste of money. Part of the program is a supplements report that delves into which supplements are useful and which are worthless.

Like most fitness programs, the nutrition/diet portion is a significant part of the program. If you don’t eat the right foods, you won’t be able to fuel muscle growth. Muscle Gaining Secrets has a nutrition guide that tells you which foods boost testosterone levels, help you recover faster, and the best pre-workout snack.

The main part of Muscle Gaining Secrets however is the 16 week workout program. It includes warm ups, sequencing, the precise number of sets and rest periods, the most effective exercises to perform, and the optimal rep range to train in. This program is targeted towards people without much experience in the gym, so everything is broken down and easy to understand.

The Pros of Muscle Gaining Secrets

There are a number of things that we like about Muscle Gaining Secrets. Here are a few that we wanted to point out:

  • Easy to read training manual
  • Thorough diet guide
  • Workout log sheets
  • 10 minute muscle meal recipe guide
  • Money back guarantee
  • One time investment
  • Digital delivery (don’t have to wait for a shipment)
  • Can be used to bulk up or slim down
  • Effective for both men and women

The Cons of Muscle Gaining Secrets

With any workout program, there will be a few cons to consider before you get started.

  • Requires strenuous exercise several days a week
  • Requires a fairly strict diet to be most effective
  • 8 hours of sleep is recommended to minimize recovery time
  • Somewhat expensive at $77

Although these are typical cons, you should still be aware of them. Basically, most fitness programs require a major lifestyle change that can be hard to carry through.

The Final Verdict

To be honest, there is nothing noticeably remarkable about Muscle Gaining Secrets. Like most other fitness programs it has a good diet guide, a thorough training schedule, and explains why supplements and gadgets are usually useless.

That said, the Muscle Gaining Secrets program definitely works. If you follow this for the full 16 weeks then you will get great results. Whether you’re trying to bulk up or slim down, Muscle Gaining Secrets can help.

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