Low Carb Foods To Keep In Mind?

Low Carb FoodsLet’s explore some delicious low carb food. Everyone should snack on their diet. After all, you don’t want to go around hungry, do you? We’ll start with some ready to eat snacks. One of the challenges with a low carb diet is finding a variety of interesting foods that taste good too. Snacks will keep you full and cause you to be less tempted by foods that are not allowed.

Use caution with snacks. Some have hidden carbs or other ingredients that Dr. Atkins says we should avoid, especially during “induction”. However, I find that as long as I consume these in moderation I’m doing OK.

Sweets For You?
Let’s start with one of my personal favorite snacks, the Atkins Advantage Bars – these delicious morsels keep me on track and satisfy my sweet tooth, eliminating hunger or desire for sugar and/or chocolate. I rarely eat an entire bar at once, I usually break it into 2 or 3 pieces and save the rest for my next chocolate urge. (Yes, chocolate is my favorite flavor)!

Chips Anyone?
An old stand-by, and a good potato chip substitute for when you crave something cruncy, pork rinds are available in most supermarkets. Personally, I don’t care for pork rinds. There are many low carbohydrate chips available. One of the more popular brands is Keto Chips!

Feeling Jerky?
I also like beef jerky. You can get it ready made, buy a kit, or make it from scratch. I’ll show you how here……..

Let’s Go Nuts!
Don’t forget the NUTS!


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