HCG Diet Phases Explained

HCG ExplainedIf you’ve already began your weight loss journey you may have heard about the different Phases that surround the HCG diet. For the beginners this can raise a great deal of confusion understanding the origin of the Phases, and the correct way to follow them. Understanding how the Phases work and play a part within the diet is essential for succeeding in this weight loss journey.

Originally creator Dr. A.T.W. Simeons’ HCG protocol had no mention of different phases. Instead there were steps one should take for best results for the HCG diet. In 2007 successful author Kevin Trudeau who highly popularized the diet with his “The Weight Loss Cure They Don’t Want You to Know About” book introduced Phases of the diet. Even though the Phases of the HCG diet weren’t formally introduced in Dr. A.T.W. Simeons’ “Pounds and Inches”, they were quickly adopted and applied to help make sense of the diet. The HCG diet Phases are made up of 4 different parts. Modern day dieters have used Kevin Trudeau’s Phase structure but Dr. Simeon’s protocol.

Phase 0(or known as Phase 1 for some that follows the Kevin Trudeau method)

This phase was added by Trudeau, it refers to the cleansing phase. This phase is mainly skipped by most dieters and is not necessary when beginning the HCG diet. If you would like to prepare yourself for a VLCD(very low calorie diet) as well as weening yourself off of bad eating habits, then you should consider this phase.

Phase 1

This is where most dieters begin as stated above. Phase 1 introduces the first two days of the diet. Known as the “loading” period in which one indulges on as much high fat food as they can. You may think what is the point ? The reason for this period of consuming very high fat food is to alert the body of the extra fat calories needed to be burned once on the following Phase.

Phase 2

Here you will begin the intake of HCG(drops or injections). Depending on the amount of weight loss desired this phase can last 20 or 40 days. Along with the intake of HCG, one is introduced to a VCLD as well. If you are unsure about which foods to consume while under the VCLD, it’s recommended to read Dr. Simeon’s “Pounds and Inches”. It is free to download over the internet. There are also resources on HCG online as well as HCG Cookbooks to give you creative meals to follow while on the diet.

Phase 3

Also referred to as the stabilization Phase, Phase 3 lasts for 3 weeks. Phase 3 is a continuation of Phase 2 instead the calorie allowance is raised, a few less food restrictions, and no more HCG is needed. One must stay away from starches, sugar and it is recommended not to go back to your bad eating habits. This Phase will allow for the HCG to leave your system and your weight to stabilize.

Phase 4

The last and final phase that will be completed over the course of the rest of your life. This is known as the maintenance phase, you should have reached the end of your goal. This is where you will need to continue a healthy lifestyle. Most HCG dieters normally don’t gain their weight back. Reasons are due to reset metabolism, change in lifestyle choices, and exercise.


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